ScoreSense® worked with the team at Military Makeover with Montel to transform the home and life of the Stupar family.

We've become attached to the ScoreSense® app; we check it all the time. We love how easy it is to read and to see our credit reports from all three bureaus side by side. I've never understood my credit so well and what affects it.

Your Military Journey

Make the most of your service: Stay on top of your finances at every step of the way. Life in the military is full of sacrifice and rewards, but it also can present unique financial challenges. Many military families deal with financial struggles due to:

  • Overseas deployments
  • Frequent relocations
  • Regular upheaval of spouse’s career
  • Lack of military-specific financial advice

Despite the challenges, a military career can offer a reliable paycheck and opportunities to build a financially secure life while serving your country. To build a comfortable life in the military, it’s important to take the right financial steps at every stage: before you join, while you’re active, and as you transition back to civilian life.

At ScoreSense, we’d like to thank you for your service and help you learn more about the right financial steps to take at every stage of your military journey.

Get Started with ScoreSense®

ScoreSense® provides accurate, personalized credit information and the insights to help you understand it, backed by live customer care representatives and credit specialists available by phone. Millions of consumers have trusted ScoreSense® to track their credit score and help protect them from identity theft.

  • See what lenders may see. Monthly updates to your three credit scores
    and reports from all three bureaus show you where you stand.
  • Understand your scores. Credit Insights pinpoint what’s most affecting
    your scores, so you can make informed decisions.
  • Know when things change. Daily Monitoring alerts you to suspicious
    activity that may pose a threat.
  • Protect your money. Up to $1 million identity theft insurance* helps offset the high cost of repair should identity thieves strike.
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