Credit Insights

We analyze your latest credit data to help you understand your scores.

See how your credit score from each bureau is calculated.
Lenders don’t all use the same credit bureau to check your credit – and your scores may not all be the same. ScoreSense® shows you which factors are most affecting your TransUnion® credit score, Equifax® credit score and Experian® credit score, so you know where you stand no matter which bureau lenders use.

Your scores are calculated using these 5 main Credit Score Factors:

  • Payment History
  • Outstanding Debt
  • Credit Mix
  • Credit Age
  • Credit Inquiries

But not all factors carry the same weight. We can help you understand what’s driving your scores, which actions may be helping or hurting – and why.

See how your credit report from each bureau may differ. 
Your credit reports are only as accurate as the information provided by your creditors. Our Credit Report Analysis compares your TransUnion credit report, Equifax credit report and Experian credit report to identify account discrepancies that may affect your credit score.

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