Credit Monitoring

We alert you to changes to help protect your credit and identity.

Daily Credit Report Monitoring
Information is added to your credit report, daily, by your creditors. Stay informed with ScoreSense® monitoring that alerts you to suspicious activity or changes. Early detection is critical to minimize the damage that reporting errors, delinquent payments and account fraud can do to your credit score.

Credit Alerts
Get email and portal alerts about changes to your information or unauthorized activity on your credit report!

ScoreSense can send alerts related to:

  • New Credit Inquiries
  • New Accounts
  • Delinquent Accounts
  • Improved Accounts
  • New Bankruptcies
  • New Public Records
  • New Addresses
  • New Employment
  • Fraud Alerts

$1 Million Identity Theft Insurance
Safeguard your savings from the cost of restoring your good name and credit. Don’t get stuck paying out-of-pocket expenses if an identity thief targets you. ScoreSense members are eligible for up to $1 Million Identity Theft Insurance* to cover the costs related to fraud recovery.

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