There’s nothing more awkward than having to initiate a deeply personal conversation with a life partner, significant other or family member. And few topics are as anxiety-provoking as money, debt and credit scores.

It’s easy to get wrapped up in the holiday spirit and get a little too credit-tipsy buying gifts. Here are a few remedies to cure holiday hangover symptoms and protect your credit scores.

As a victim of a disaster, you are hit with the devastating realities of finding shelter, food and transportation, as well as dealing with time lost from work, school and much more. As a result, figuring out how to pay your bills probably isn’t a priority. However, your financial obligations do not stop because you …

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The journey to optimizing your credit health takes preparation and persistence. It starts with taking a hard look at where you stand and determining where you’d like to land.

The new year is an ideal time to get your credit scores in order. Set several “mini resolutions” that will keep you moving forward. Try these to get you started.

For many last-minute holiday shoppers, the magic of the gift-giving season can quickly morph into long-term credit score misery.

December was chosen to shine a light on identity theft because it’s prime time for thieves to do their “shopping”, too. Here are some tips to help you fight ID theft year-round.

Attention, online shoppers! Identity thieves are banking on you, and your credit, to be easy prey. Cyber Monday is prime time for identity thieves to get in on the online action. Knowing what to watch for, where the potential risks are and how to take charge of your credit can help keep your identity from being …

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Black Friday and Cyber Monday may save you cash, but your credit scores could pay the price. The challenge is to get in on the multitude of “deals and steals” while keeping your spending on track – and your credit scores intact. If plan to use credit in lieu of cash, use these credit tips …

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In today’s world, your credit scores have the power to impact where you live, what you drive – and how much bang for the buck your hard-earned dollars will get you. If you’re like most, the amount of your monthly payments is a big factor in determining how much car, home or other big-ticket item …

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’Tis the season to shop and celebrate, and if you plan to fund the festivities with credit cards beware of the pitfalls that could bury your credit scores.

Most of us have a pretty good idea of the basic credit behaviors that will keep our creditors happy. However, there are lesser-known financial behaviors that can affect your credit scores more than you may realize.

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