Most of us have a pretty good idea of the basic credit behaviors that will keep our creditors happy. But did you know that a simple change in your credit card balances can raise or lower your scores? There are lesser-known financial behaviors that can affect your credit scores more than you may realize.

Labor Day weekend is a celebratory time for many hardworking Americans. As you prepare to shop and enjoy the holiday with friends and family, give your credit scores and reports a quick “performance review” to be sure they’re working hard for you! Your credit scores can be a powerful negotiating tool – so it’s important …

Are Your Credit Scores Working Hard or Hardly Working? Read More »

Equip your teen to navigate the credit world, both on- and off-campus, by sending them off with these Credit 101 tips!

Jamming is a credit repair scam that will surely have you singing the blues. The tactic is used by unscrupulous credit repair companies to take your cash.

Homeownership can be both a blessing and a curse. In honor of National Homeownership Month in June, we wanted to shine a light on home improvement financing to help improve your quality of life.

Memorial Day weekend is one of the hottest times to test drive that new ride you’ve been eyeing – if your credit scores will go the distance.

If you truly commit to your credit scores “for better”– you can avoid “or worse” by pledging these Credit “I Do’s.”

How you “spend” your summer can have a direct effect on your credit scores and your bottom line.

You know that lenders evaluate your credit reports and scores before approving you – or determining your interest rate. But did you know your credit reports also drive the cost of your insurance premiums?

Knowing where you stand with all three credit bureaus before you start house hunting is key. If your credit scores aren’t “move-in ready,” getting them in shape will help you get a lower interest rate – and afford you more home.

If you haven’t done a thorough inspection of your credit in a while, you should dust off your credit reports and take a fresh look at your credit scores. Here’s a spring “credit-do” list to help you get started.

While most people are not “fluent” in credit, your lenders are. To make informed credit decisions, you need to be able to decipher what’s on your reports and understand what your credit scores are telling lenders about you – and why.

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