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By using a reputable credit monitoring service like, legit fraud protection is possible around the clock.  Despite the wide array of tools and resources available to them, most consumers go years without checking their credit reports.  That’s a problem, because according to the Federal Trade Commission every year nearly 3 percent of the American population is a victim of some sort of identity theft, and the longer it goes undetected, the more damage is done to the victim’s financial health and personal reputation.  With, legit clients can feel comfortable knowing the advanced tracking and software monitoring systems used by the company are in use protecting them constantly.

Credit monitoring is accomplished by using sophisticated programs that constantly scan the web for the use of your personal information that may signify identity theft.  This information is normally supplied to the credit reporting services, but if you never look at your credit reports, you may not know is happening.  With legit credit monitoring, you don’t have to pull your credit report every day to look for fraud; the company does it for you.  Is ScoreSense legit?  Absolutely.

There are some obvious ways to tell if your identity is being stolen and your information misused.  One of the ways is if a credit card bill arrives in your name for a credit card you never applied for or heard of.  Another is if your current credit card bill stops showing up entirely, or the bill does arrive but includes charges you didn’t make.  Any of these are signs of credit card theft or fraud, and legit credit monitoring services can alert you to a problem long before the bill arrives, which can save you time and money as well as protect your reputation.

Some other obvious ways to tell if you’ve been the victim of identity theft include: Phone calls from unknown debt collectors concerning accounts you didn’t open, having your credit card declined for being over the limit, or being denied for a loan or credit card.  These signs indicate that your credit report contains damaging information, and that damage is often the result of fraud. legit credit monitoring helps identify these issues before you’re embarrassed at the checkout counter or car dealership.

Is ScoreSense legit?  Yes it is.  It can help you protect your personal identity and its use by watching for fraudulent activity on your behalf, and alerting you as soon as unusual activity occurs.  ScoreSense provides access to your credit reports and scores so you can see activity for yourself and ensure that your personal information has not been compromised.  By using, legit consumers are protected from identity theft every day.

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