ScoreSense Membership to Monitor Your Credit Score

Taking control of your finances is an important goal, and a ScoreSense membership is a great place to start. You may be aware of your credit score; however, the benefit of a ScoreSense membership is more than an annual look at your scores and report.

  • Credit Reports and Scores: ScoreSense credit reports are pulled from all three bureaus, to give members a complete picture of their financial health. However, that’s just the beginning. ScoreSense membership also provides access to the Dispute Center, where they can address credit reporting errors, and the Learning Center, where they can collect valuable information on all things financial.
  • Credit Monitoring: ScoreSense monitors your credit and notifies you with credit alerts when something in your credit report changes. ScoreTracker enables you to watch your progress, and the ScoreCast simulator shows what could happen to your score with certain changes in your financial situation.
  • Credit Specialists: With ScoreSense, you’ll get one-on-one assistance from a Credit Specialist who will help you make sense of your credit scores and reports — and answer all of your credit questions, every time you call.

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