Living Debt Free: Credit Report Reviews

Conducting free credit report reviews on a routine basis should be a key component in your strategy for living debt free. The information glean from reviewing free credit reports can help you manage debt effectively so you can have a better financial future.

You can request a free credit report annually from each of the three major consumer credit bureaus. If you can remember free credit report gov, you can find the site to begin your free credit report reviews. Go to

You can also obtain them through a service such as ScoreSense.

If you go the government route, you should spread your request for free credit report reviews throughout the year. Request a report from one of the agencies every four months. This way, you don’t go a whole year without an inside look at your credit situation.

Free credit report reviews are crucial to protecting your identity and managing debt successfully, but a free credit report will not reveal your credit score – you’ll have to pay to see the score. Each of the three major consumer credit reporting agencies will determine a credit score for you based on information reported to them.

This score can be a crucial factor in lenders’ decisions to extend credit. It also affects decisions made by insurance companies, landlords, utilities, rental agencies and even potential employers. Knowing your credit score can be very helpful, but you won’t find it in the free credit report reviews obtained from the government website.

To see your credit scores and monitor all three agencies, you need to get your free credit report reviews from a service like ScoreSense. For the small price of a membership, you can monitor credit reports and scores for all three agencies year round and have access to tools you can use to improve your credit score and successfully manage your credit.

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