Level the Score: Sense Scam Activity with ID Theft Notification

A service to monitor your credit score, sense scam activity, and guard against phishing tactics may seem like overkill, but these services are increasingly necessary in today’s world. And the harmful activity they protect against can pose less of a threat with extra customer vigilance. Employing an identity theft notification service as an added layer of defense demonstrates you possess a higher level of credit rating awareness than many consumers.

Score Sense Scam
Score Sense Scam

The largest threat to your credit rating score comes from identity theft. ID theft notification is the ScoreSense scam stopper method of choice no matter how criminals try to steal your identity. Whether a clerk or waitress illegally scans your credit card while you are shopping or dining out, an unsolicited email leads you to believe you are giving personal information to a trusted site, or an old fashioned thief steals your purse or wallet, when these criminals try to cash in using your name you get notified.

ScoreSense uses state-of-the-art software to scour millions of Internet sites to uncover illicit use of your personal identifying information. In addition to regular Identity Reports, you receive Identity Alerts whenever a change in address, payday loan, or criminal report appears in your name. Those who actively track their credit score sense scam and phishing attacks before they become a problem.

Using ScoreSense, review of your credit score becomes a routine practice. Beginning with a free credit report, ScoreSense membership tracks your personal information to alert you of potential identity theft.

With ScoreSense, scam artists who are trying to steal your assets or ruin your good credit rating while living it up on your dime get stopped cold. For consumers with good credit report score sense, scam artists represent a serious threat. Those knowledgeable about credit scores and the important role they play take precautions.

Exercise credit score sense; scam artists are trusting that you won’t. Don’t let a criminal keep you from getting the loan you want, or the job you need. For more information on credit score tips to improve your score sense or get your free credit score today, visit the ScoreSense website.

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