Know Your Scores, Then Start the Car-Buying Process

Buying a sweet new ride can be a thrill – unless your credit score is a lemon. A lower score will raise your interest rate and payments, and could run your car-buying plans off into ditch. It pays to know exactly where you stand with all three credit bureaus before you hit the dealerships. ScoreSense® can help.


 How ScoreSense helps you spot financial roadblocks that can prevent you from jumping into the driver’s seat:

  • Know your scores. Get unlimited access to all 3 of your credit scores, reports and monthly updates from TransUnion, Equifax and Experian in one convenient location.
  • Review your reports. See what’s really driving your scores. Errors can lower scores, cost you loan approval, or take more hard-earned cash out of your pocket, every month, in higher interest.
  • Monitor for changes. Get alerts when changes on your credit report raise a red flag and pose a potential threat to your credit scores or your identity.
  • Get one-on-one help. Our credit specialists will help you make sense of your scores, and answer your credit questions, every time you call.

We’re here to help you get you behind the wheel. The more you know about how to maintain and protect your credit scores, the more leverage you’ll have over lenders – now and in the future.


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