Is a Free Credit Report Safe?

You see the ads everywhere; but is obtaining a free credit report safe? With a legitimate company and offer – like the 7-day trial free credit report online you get with ScoreSense membership – it is not only safe, it might be your best protection against identity theft.

According to federal law, once a year consumers are entitled to a free credit report. Safe places to request your free credit report online include the government website

However, the credit reports you request directly from the credit bureaus will not have the credit score they assign you, which is what lenders, insurance companies and even potential employers often look at when making decisions about you.

Other websites offering a safe free credit report will utilize secure Internet protocols. These sites have “https” in the address line rather than “http.” The secure protocol uses 128-bit encryption technology to ensure identity thieves cannot intercept the information transmitted over the Internet.

This encryption makes a free credit report safe to get over the Internet. In fact, getting a free credit report check online may even be safer than getting it through “snail mail.”  Postal deliveries are easy to steal and sometimes get misdirected or lost, increasing the risk of identity theft.

A free credit report check will reduce the risk of identity theft. By examining your free credit report safe in your home, you can find and correct errors or discover unauthorized credit charges. If you find a loan taken out in your name that you did not authorize, you can and need to take immediate action.

To get a free credit report, safe and secure online, or just to learn more information about how to manage your credit, visit us online at today.


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