Fix Your Credit Score, Free Your Finances

Fix your credit score, free your financial future. Doing so will prevent the worry and embarrassment of being denied for a loan or high interest rates due to a low credit score. The formula for fixing your credit score is pretty straightforward, once you understand how the whole process works, and what goes into determining a credit score in the first place.  An excellent service that can show you how to do this is ScoreSense.

Many consumers ask, “How can I fix my credit score?”  Free “tips and tricks” are available on many websites, but to get the best sound advice, you need to sign up with a credit monitoring service like ScoreSense. The site gives you credit reports, credit scores, and tools to help you improve your credit scores.  Tools such as ScoreCast, which predicts what may happen to your credit score if you make certain financial changes, and ScoreTracker, which lets you track your progress with all three credit reporting agencies.

Improving your credit score starts with obtaining and closely reviewing copies of your credit report from all three credit reporting bureaus, looking for mistakes or inconsistencies.  Since reporting is done by humans, errors are possible on credit reports, and they can affect your credit score. Free corrections are possible when you find mistakes, and ScoreSense can walk you through the dispute process step by step through its Dispute Center.

One of the best ways to get your credit scores turned around is to make sure you pay all bills on time.  It will take time to eliminate late payment information from your credit reports, but when you stop making late payments, you stop your credit scores’ free-falling, and begin to repair the damage.  After giving it some time, when you go back and re-check, credit score free-falls have stopped, and have leveled off or begun to climb.

So the next time you ask, “What can I do to improve my credit score?” free yourself financially from the burdens of low credit scores by signing up for ScoreSense credit monitoring services.

To see how you can improve your credit score with free advice and access to your credit scores and credit reports, visit ScoreSense at


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