Changing Your ScoreSense Login

As part of learning to protect your identity online, you should change your passwords on a regular basis for all of your online accounts, and that includes your ScoreSense login information.  Changing your online passwords and identities keeps hackers and malicious computer viruses from hijacking your information and using it to commit fraud or steal your personal information.  By going to the OTL ScoreSense website, you can change your ScoreSense login right there on the site.

Once you’re at the ScoreSense website, go to the Member Sign-In page, and log in using your current username and password.  Look for the “My Account” tab, and click on it. There, you will see a menu item that says, “Change Password.”  Click on that link, and follow the step-by-step instructions to change your ScoreSense login information.

You may wonder why at first it’s necessary to change your ScoreSense login information, since it doesn’t link directly to any bank accounts or credit card accounts.  But since you use the site to check your free credit scores and the free credit report from each of the three credit bureaus, criminals accessing those same reports has all of your financial history at their fingertips, including former addresses, places of employment, and credit account information, making identity theft from the ScoreSense website much more likely than from any other website, including a bank or credit card site.  As such, it is imperative that you keep your ScoreSense login information secure, and change your password often.

A membership to ScoreSense provides you with all of the information you need to improve your credit scores and secure your financial future.  Although they’re not normally free, with a paid membership to ScoreSense, you now have access to essentially “free” credit scores, as well as unlimited access to your freecredit report from each of the credit reporting agencies.  And when you know your credit score, sense can be made of your current credit worthiness, and steps can be taken to correct it if it not where you want it to be.

To maintain your continued safety and security on line and protect you from identity thieves, remember to change all of your passwords on a regular basis.  Most experts recommend that this be done every 90 days, but obviously, the more often it is done, the safer is your information.  And, by all means, include your ScoreSense login information in the list of passwords you change regularly.  Since ScoreSense provides access to your entire financial history, keeping your login information secure is a vital first step in protecting you identity and financial security.

If you need help changing your password or ScoreSense login information, visit the FAQs section of the OTL ScoreSense site at, or contact Customer Care for information. 

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