Prevent a Natural Disaster from Destroying Your Credit

As a victim of a disaster, you are hit with the devastating realities of finding shelter, food and transportation, as well as dealing with time lost from work, school and much more. As a result, figuring out how to pay your bills probably isn’t a priority. However, your financial obligations do not stop because you … Read more

Credit Tips to Shop Black Friday & Cyber Monday

Black Friday and Cyber Monday may save you cash, but your credit scores could pay the price. The challenge is to get in on the multitude of “deals and steals” while keeping your spending on track – and your credit scores intact. If plan to use credit in lieu of cash, use these credit tips … Read more

Credit Scores Have Purchasing Power

In today’s world, your credit scores have the power to impact where you live, what you drive – and how much bang for the buck your hard-earned dollars will get you. If you’re like most, the amount of your monthly payments is a big factor in determining how much car, home or other big-ticket item … Read more

Best Credit Monitoring Services Gives Clean ScoreSense Review

Recently, Best Credit Monitoring Services gave a clean ScoreSense review. Though this comes as no surprise to us at ScoreSense, review validation is always rewarding, because it means we’re doing something right and providing valuable services to our members. If you’re on the fence about getting your free ScoreSense credit report, it should reassure you … Read more