Are Free Credit Scores a Bargain?

Many online advertisements urge you to check your free credit scores, but they may not be as “free” at all.  Those services will lure you to their websites with offers of free credit scores online, but what you discover when you get there is that they are offering you an opportunity to look at your free credit reports, which are only free once a year if you go to, a government-run website.  There’s no doubt that if you know your credit score, sense prevails when knowing how to deal with financial matters.  But these sites can’t offer you free credit scores; they may link you to the government-run site, but if you want to see your credit reports more than once a year, or if you use a third-party website to try to get your free credit score online, you’ll have to pay.

What some consumers find is that these third-party websites will actually provide numbers that resemble free credit scores, and to some extent, they are.  But they will not be the FICO scores that lending institutions use to determine your credit worthiness.  They will be a number based on a different financial formula, if they’re based on anything factual at all.  They may even look similar to FICO scores, but they’re really meaningless.

So if you’re now wondering, “How can I see my free credit score?” the answer is you can’t get free credit scores.  You must pay to see your true FICO calculations.  You must also pay if you want to access your credit reports more than once a year.

Free credit scores aren’t a bargain; in fact, the FICO numbers are never available for free.  There are legitimate companies that provide access to your credit reports and credit scores as often as you want to see them, but they will tell you upfront that the service requires a fee or monthly subscription, since those companies must pay for you to see your scores and reports.  Once you sign up for such a service, it may seem like you’re getting free credit scores online, but you’re in fact paying for the opportunity.

ScoreSense is a service that works in exactly this way.  You must subscribe to the ScoreSense service, and once you do, you will have access to your credit scores and credit reports as often as you’d like to see them, and it will feel like you’re getting free credit scores all the time.  Not only can ScoreSense provide access to this information, the site also offers other tools, information, and tracking features that can help you legitimately improve your credit scores over time.

Avoid scam websites that try to lure you with promises of free credit scores. Instead, sign up with ScoreSense today to see your legitimate FICO scores and credit reports on a regular basis.

If you’ve fallen victim to a free credit score scam, or if you’re ready to access your credit scores and credit reports on a regular basis to help you understand and build your credit history properly, visit ScoreSense at

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